About Us

takeNOW is an e-commerce start-up  positioning itself to become the market leader in South Africa in offering underbanked and underserved consumers a uniform and trouble-free way to purchase essential products, goods and services now and then pay later.

By creating a new service category and utilizing the first-mover advantage, takeNOW positions itself for rapid growth and gains a strong opportunity to raise entry barriers for any possible competition.

takeNOW, Pay Later, that’s it

The BNPL payment option in South Africa is expected to grow by 97.5% on annual basis to reach R6.9 Billion this year 2022. This fueled by younger, tech savvy consumers who continue to move away from traditional credit offerings and options such as credit cards and bank loans.

It’s more important to them to have payment flexibility around the lifestyle categories that matter, interest-free, more so than racking up a long term and unaffordable credit bill.

takeNOW also boasts a new Payment Method in Partnership with LayUp for those purchases that you don’t need right away and would like to layby.