takeNOW is a pioneering financial technology (FinTech) company based in South Africa, specializing in technology and commodity trading solutions. Our mission is to revolutionize the way people shop, trade, pay, and plan their finances. With a commitment to innovation, inclusivity, and community impact, takeNOW offers a comprehensive technology platform that goes beyond transactions. We empower users with personalized financial insights, promote sustainability through eco-friendly options, and foster community engagement through initiatives like takeCARE.

By creating a new service category and utilizing the first-mover advantage, takeNOW positions itself for rapid growth and gains a strong opportunity to raise entry barriers for any possible competition.

Not Just Another Fintech Company

By seamlessly integrating Web3 through cryptocurrency payments, harnessing Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning for precise credit and data scoring, AML compliance, and risk assessments, and providing offline accessibility for low to no network areas, we’re not merely disrupting the technology landscape; we’re forging a transformative path toward financial well-being for individuals and businesses alike.